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ETS is a positive outlet for your kids. It’s our mission to develop a positive character while developing self-discipline, useful skills, physical health and mental growth.

It’s not easy being a kid anymore. School violence is at epidemic proportions. Peer pressure can be devastating. That’s why today’s kids need a place to go where they can feel good about themselves. Elite Tae Kwon Do School is that place! We strive to teach important characteristics such as honor, integrity, pride and discipline. We invest in our children because they are the future!

Grand Master Yu Kim works wonders with young kids. He fosters confidence, self-esteem, school achievement, and more importantly, a sense of responsibility in his young students. Plus, the kids have a blast learning self-defense in an atmosphere that’s positive and encouraging.

Grand Master Kim also cares about his community. Elite Taekwondo School has participated in numerous fund raising events for incredible organizations such as the Make-A-Wish foundation and others. Grand Master Kim also hosts an annual “Public Safety” seminar which is taught by local police officers informing students and adults about personal safety, bullying, fraud, burglary awareness, firearms safety and stranger danger.